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If you are looking for a specific instructions, unique parts or repair kits for your older Mercedes you have come to the right place.

We are not just another online parts warehouse. We do not carry every part for every old Benz. What we do offer though is a combination of unique repair kits, tools, repair guides and special instructions that will allow you to fix most common problems yourself and save thousands $$$$$ in the process. You will also get the satisfaction of having done it yourself and the assurance it was done right!

Most of our repair “kits” are not available anywhere else. They include all the parts, supplies, tools and instructions needed to complete a specific repair. We have designed a number of specialty tools that I am proud to say we make or modify right here in our own shop. My goal is to teach you how to diagnose your own mechanical problems and then provide the products and easy to understand step-by-step instructions you will need to fix the problem yourself.

Our detailed product descriptions are also unique. In most descriptions I have written information not only on what the parts does, but how you can determine if the part or product will actually fix your problem. Just reading through my product descriptions will teach you much about your own Mercedes Benz.

To find what you are looking for fast use the advanced search box here to narrow your search. We have hundreds of products available. Of course you are welcome to just “browse” if you want. If you have been to other technical websites I guarantee you will enjoy how well our advanced search works. But please keep in mind, if you can not find a part you are looking for, it means we do not carry it.


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