W115 Diesel Engine Major Fuel Service - On Demand Video

Covers fuel system service and repair on the 1969 to 1976 220D 240D and 300D only

Kent uses his 1976 240D that had sat idle for 6 years to demonstrate what needs to be done to get an old fuel system cleaned out and serviced properly. This always includes installing new fuel filters and sometimes will require replacing some of the rubber hoses. In cases like this car it alsow requires draining the old fuel out of the fuel tank and cleaning the fuel tank screen.

W115 Diesel Engine Major Fuel Service - On Demand Video
On Demand Video
Mercedes 115 Fuel System Service Video Manual - On Demand Video

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Of course for best performance the fuel fitlers should be changed once a year or every 12,000 miles whichever occurs first. This is particularly important on old diesels that are more than 18 years old ( due to likely contamination inside the fuel tank. 

This on demand video will cover the following procedures for servicing the fuel system on a 1969 to 1976 220D, 240D and 300D:

  • Quick overview of draining the fuel tank, cleaning the fuel tank screen, and replacing hoses at the tank - no detailed specifics
  • Better access shown for removing and replacing the plastic pre-filter
  • Using a clamping tool to get the hoses on and off the pre-filter
  • Importance of using a clear pre-filter
  • Replacing a leaking fuel hand primer pump on the 220D and 240D
  • Best tools to use to remove and old hand primer pump
  • Best type hand primer pump to install
  • Best tools to use to install the new primer pump and to tighten the fittings on the injection pump
  • Overview of main fuel filter housing viewed out of the car
  • Problems related to the fuel filter housing fittings and mounts
  • Checking the tightness of the filter connections
  • Removing the lid to the fuel filter housing
  • Removing the old filter while minimizing fuel spills
  • Draining the excess fuel of the fuel filter canister
  • Importance of wearing protective gloves
  • Importance of replacing the fuel filter lid / cap seal
  • Installing and hand tightening the fuel filter lid
  • Proper positioning of the cap and fuel lines
  • Proper tightening torque of the cap bolt 
  • Pumping new fuel into the fuel filter housing
  • How much to pump before trying to start the engine
  • Checking the fuel injector rubber return hoses
  • Starting the engine
  • Bleeding the air out if the engine if it won’t easily start

This video does not cover other fluid changes such as engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, etc. Watch for all Kent’s other on demand videos that may cover some of these topics. 

Total Run Time is 22:25

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