Miracle Paint For Permanent Rust Repair QUART Black - Free Brushes and Gloves

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NEW and improved HD formula. This new formula has a thicker viscosity for easier application on vertical surfaces and when using fiberglass cloth. Miracle Paint is a unique moisture cured non-porous paint that bonds to rusted and corroded metals like no other coating. I have personally used this product for years to fix rust on all types of Mercedes as well as other older vehicles. When combined with fiberglass cloth it can provide a permanent repair for non-structural rust holes and weak metal  (rockers, floors, trunk wells, fender wells, etc. It dries rock hard and will not chip, crack or peel. Impervious to gasoline, lacquer thinner, salt and most acids. Can be painted directly over rusted surfaces. It is strengthened by moisture. Will seal concrete, grout, wood, metal and porous tile like nothing else. Can be EASILY applied with foam roller or brush but plan to throw them away when finished. Gloves are a must as dried miracle paint will not come off clothing or skin (until time replaces skin cells). This is one tough paint. It will even glue the lid permanently to the can unless you clean the lip thoroughly or place saran wrap between the lid and can when resealed. If that does not give you a clue just how strong this paint is I don't know what will!

Miracle Paint For Permanent Rust Repair QUART Black - Free Brushes and Gloves
Free Add-Ons Included:

Introduction to Permanent Rust Repair by Kent Bergsma - Download

How to Do an Upside Down Patch with Miracle Paint and Cloth - On Demand Video

Product Details

PLEASE NOTE: This kit contains liquids that can only be shipped by UPS ground. Due to this requirement, we can only ship to the continental lower 48 States and no international. Sorry for this inconvenience

This kit comes with the following items:

  • I quart of BLACK miracle paint
  • 3 pairs of nitrile gloves
  • 3 application brushes as shown.

This kit does not include instructions. 

Can repair rusted areas on all Mercedes. Also works on any vehicle or equipment with rust problems. You can make your own miracles happen!!!

SHELF LIFE: Miracle Paint’s shelf life will vary depending on storage temperature and the amount of time the contents of the can are open to air. If you leave the lid off for extended periods or store the can in a warm environment, shelf life could be shortened to 2 to 3 months. If the lid is only opened briefly to apply small amounts or to pour into another container AND if the can is sealed tightly and kept it in a cool place, you can expect the shelf life to be more than a year. If you can store the sealed can in a refrigerator, the shelf life can be extended even further. Once you have used half the can and do not plan to use the remainder soon, we recommend you pour what is left into a smaller container. This will reduce the amount of air contact inside the storage container.

If you are only coating a small rust area, pour the amount you need into a small container (like you see in this picture) and immediately wipe and seal the lid of the can. Be sure to use a plastic bag or Saran wrap between the lid and the can. Even if you clean the can lip, ALWAYS reseal using a plastic barrier or you will have a hard time getting the lid back off without damaging the can!  Small plastic containers can be wiped out after use and used again in the future.

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Here is the repair sequence of one of the more common rust repairs that this product excels at - rust in the wheel wells. In fact, doing the repair this way is better than trying to weld in new sheet metal. Have you ever witnessed how rapidly welded steel can rust? If you can not get to the back side of a new weld to treat it with a product like miracle paint it will rust out again from the backside in 4 to 8 years if it is exposed to moisture.

Here is a typical rust spot that you might find in a wheel well area. Doesn't look too bad does it... just remember what you see is always the tip of the rustberg.... This is an example of why I detest body undercoating. It allows moisture to get trapped in behind the coating and actually accelerates the rust out.

When you start scraping away the undercoating and flaking metal, the hole will always be worse than what you first expected.

Once the damaged metal has been fully exposed you can continue scraping and rough sanding the surrounding metal to an area at least 1 to 2 inched past the weak metal.

Coat the area inside the hole thoroughly with Miracle Paint to prevent further rusting, then make a patch of 3 layers of fiberglass mat soaked in Miracle Paint and apply it over the rust hole. When dry overnight you will not believe how strong this repair. Even banging on it will make you think you are banding on sheet metal. It dries as hard as epoxy but will not let loose from the rust like epoxy or polyester resin. It really is a miracle!

When the Miracle Paint is dry you can skim coat it with a waterproof filler, sand the area and then spray it with our high-quality chip guard (do not use typical auto body undercoating. Massage it a little and you can even make it look old and original. Complete details on how to do this are included in my advanced manual on Permanent Rust Repair without Welding.

On another note, this product works great on repairing holes in mufflers and rear exhaust pipes. Just try to find ANY other product that can do that and have it last. I have done repairs on mufflers that have outlasted the life of the muffler itself!

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