Introduction to the Use of Miracle Paint in Repairing Rust on Older Cars

You have heard me mention the use of Miracle Paint in a number of my videos. Here I will explain the product in more detail and show samples of just what it can do. For complete detailed step-by-step information on how to use the product when dealing with a wide range of rust problems be sure to refer to my manual " Permanent Rust Repair Without Welding." This manual along with repair kits are available on my website. Just type Miracle Paint in the search box or click the above link. This product can be used on ALL Mercedes and any other car that has rust issues! For surface rust, battery corrosion, leaking water drains, failed factory body seams, small rust holes, drilled holes you want to patch, coating trim attachment holes to keep them from rusting, under body non-structural rust out, large rust holes, muffler holes, and the list goes on and on.

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