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W210 W220 W215 Cabin Air Filter Set (Four Filters)

Fits E320, E300, E420, E430 1996 to 2002 and S430, S500, CL500 1999 to 2006 including AMG. Kent's video instructions included for free.

Complete set of four cabin air filters only for models listed. Why don't people change their cabin air filters??? Kent has never seen a clean set! Don't believe it, just check out his youtube videos.

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210 220 Cabin Air Filter - On Demand Video

1996 to 2006 W210 W220 W215 Cabin Air Filter Set Replacement - On Demand Video

One of the most neglected maintenance items on these models!

The era of performance cabin air filters really began in 1996 with the introduction of the W210 sedan in the U.S. market. By performance,  we mean more than just a simple intake air box filter like you saw on the later model W124.

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Mercedes W140 Blower Motor - On Demand Video

W140 Heater Blower Motor Location, Troubleshooting and Repair - On Demand Video

How you could save up to $1000 by fixing it yourself!

Would you like to watch an inexpensive on demand video that might help you save $1000's? You could spend three or four hours hunting around the internet on different forums and marginal youtube videos and may get the right info - maybe!

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Mercedes Monovalve Installation - On Demand Video

Monovalve Heater Control Inspection - Installation - Testing - On Demand Video Manual

Covers 1981 to 1991 W123 W107 and W126 with automatic climate control panel

If you have a 1981 to 1985 W123 300D, 300CD, 280E, 280CE, 300TD or a 1981 to 1989 W107 380SL, 560SL, or a 1981 to 1991 W126 380SE/L 300SD 500SE/L 300SDL 420SE/L 300SE/L 560SE/L 380SEC 560SEC that has automatic climate control this video manual will apply. These c

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W140 Installing New Blower Motor Into Old Fan and Housing - On Demand Video

W140 Installing New Blower Motor Into Old Fan and Housing - On Demand Video

Kent will show some specials "tools" and tricks he uses to prevent damaging the plastic squirrel cage fan

One of the cheapest ways to fix your worn out W140 blower motor is to replace just the motor. You do not have to replace the entire unit. BUT repairing it this way is not as easy as it may appear!


Late 123 Heater Blower Motor Assembly New

Fits U.S. Model W123 1980 to 1985

Brand New aftermarket heater blower motor. There are not many options for the 123 owners other than used. Many of the used heater motors out there are just worn out. This is a direct replacement ready to install under your dash.


201 190E 190D Heater Control Valve Replacement Kit

Now with PDF instructions and extra hardware

Are you mysteriously losing coolant? Having heater problems? Does your heater have a mind of its own. Then your 201 chassis vacuum controlled heater valve may be bad.


W201 Chassis 190E 190D Heater and A/C Motor Brushes - w/ PDF Instructions

For all 201 chassis 190E and 190D built from 1984 to 1993

For all 201 chassis 190E and 190D built from 1984 to 1993. The PDF download repair guide will take you through the process of how to properly remove your heater blower motor and replace the motors two brushes. This is the most common reason for failure.

201 BEHR heater motor with fans

201 Chassis 190E 190D New Heater Motor Complete with Fans

Need an easy to install and quick solution for your worn out 201 heater motor?  Maybe brushes won't solve the problem. Maybe the bearings or commutator are just worn out.  installation is quick with this complete new aftermarket Unit. This will fit all 201 models from 1984 to 1993.


W124 Chassis Heater Blower Motor Fan Replacement with installation manual

You will appreciate the instructions!: All 124 chassis sedans, coupes, and wagons from 1986 to 1993. NOTE: WILL NOT WORK ON MODELS W/ INTAKE AIR DUST FILTER.

Fits the following: All 124 chassis sedans, coupes, and wagons from 1986 to 1993. NOTE: WILL NOT WORK ON MODELS W/ DUST FILTER. We are finding more heater fan motor failures in the 124 chassis cars as they age.


W126 Chassis New Heater Blower Motor Assembly

All models 1981 to 1991. New aftermarket part. Has proven to be very reliable and the price is right!

New heater blower motor assembly with fan and housing. Installation is very easy once you get that pesky under dash panel off on the right side. We do include instructions for that but not for the actual removal of the motor. You will see the 8mm attachment bolts.


Coolant Hose Clamps for Most 1960 to 1995 Mercedes.

5/8" to 1" diameter which will fit most but not all heater core coolant hoses. Measures yours first before ordering.

6 "German style" non-cutting hose clamps as shown. These are wider than most to better seal the hose to the fitting.  See our other hose clamp assortments below.

On Demand Video

1982 to 1991 107 123 126 Mono Valve Repair Kit Installation - On Demand Video

Easy DIY job to fix the most common problem with erratic cabin heat inside your old Benz.

Learn how to install this critical repair kit correctly and how to test your monovalve function on the bench. In this 13-minute video, Kent shares how to install the kit while avoiding problems. Get your cabin heat working properly again!


Late R107, Late W123 and All W126 Heater Mono Valve Repair Kit

A torn diaphragm in the heater control monovalve is the number one reason for sporadic cabin heat, but it is not the only reason! With Kent's video tips, it is easy to install.

This fits the U.S. models with automatic climate control which include the 1982 to 1989 R107 380SL, 500SL, and 560SL + the 1982 to 1985 W123 ALL models + the 1981 to 1991 W126 sedan and coupes. This is an easy fix that you can do yourself.


W124 W210 Bosch Electric Water Pump for Climate Control

Fits all 124 and 210 models from 1986 to 2002. Critical for constant cabin heat.

Failure can cause cabin heat to drop off when the car runs at idle. Easy to check by removing the wiring plug and applying 12v power to determine if it is running.


1972 to 1989 R107 C107 Heater Blower Motor - NEW


Brand new aftermarket blower motor as shown. Fits all R107 and C107 (SLC) from 1972 to 1989. Even if you motor is working you want to open up this area and inspect for hidden rust. 

On Demand Video

1981 to 1991 Monovalve Climate Control Electric Water Pump Upgrade Installation Instructions - On Demand Video

How to install a newer style pump in your late W123, late R107 and W126 with ACCIII automatic climate control

In this 30-minute instructional video, Kent will explain how this new pump compares to the original, what is included in the kit and why, how to make a new plugin wiring harness, demonstrate step by step how to install this pump in a late W123 and explain the differences you will face when instal

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Early W126 Klima Heater Control Monovalve Conversion without Heated Windshield Washer Fluid Tank

Free Performance Kit Included. For most 126 sedans and coupes 1981 through 1985. Replaces the original Bosch valve on ACCIII U.S. Automatic Climate Control cars - Limited Stock

PLEASE NOTE In stock now and ready to ship. No detailed instructions at this time, but it is not a difficult install this unit once you remove the false firewall at the back of the engine. You will be able to gain access to the monovalve and electric pump assembly.

On Demand Video

How to Install our ACCIII Climate Control Performance Upgrade - On Demand Video

This applies to the 1981 to 1985 W123 and the 1982 to 1989 R107. Also indirectly to the W126

This an instructional "how-to" video that comes with our ACCIII performance upgrade it. It will show you how to install a protective fuse for your auxillary water pump and how to replace the rotton foam climate control hose under your dash. Total run time is 16:29.


Late W123 Bosch Electric Auxiliary Water Pump BYPASS Kit

If the electric pump is not working and you don't want to replace it. GET IT OUT of your system!

Since the original style Bosch electric water pumps are no longer available NEW. If you need a replacement pump, you have three options. 1. Buy a used pump. 2. Buy our newer pump conversion upgrade. 3. Take your inoperable pump out of the system.

Currently out of stock.

R107 380SL 560SL Klima Heater Control Monovalve Conversion - Free Performance Kit Included.

Replaces the original Bosch valve in the 1982 to 1989 380SL and 560SL with U.S. Automatic Climate Control System ACCIII - SOLD OUT

This is probably the very best upgrade you can make for your automatic climate control. It will switch the hot to cold or cold to hot much faster and will hold a much steadier heat at high engine speeds. 


1981 to 1985 ACCIII Climate Control Performance Enhancement Kit

Must do for 1981 to 1985 W123, W126 and R107 with automatic climate control. You won't believe what you find under your dash!!!

The parts in this little kit will do two things.  1. Protect your climate control push button panel. 2. The system will get more accurate readings from the climate control sensor on top of your dash.

On Demand Video

Installing Charcoal Inside Cabin Filters in Your Early W211 - On Demand Video

For 2003 to 2004 E500 and some E320 (option 581) with Thermotronic 4 zone climate control

These carbon active filters are only in the 2003 to 2004 E class sedans (maybe a few early 2005) with the Thermotronic climate control ( option 581). There have been reports that some 2005 and 2006 models even with option 581 do not have "twin" sets of filters.


2003 to 2009 W211 E-Class Carbon Active Intake Air Cabin Filter

Will fit all years, but you have to decide which one you want... See video below

There is much confusion concerning this filter. Many owners don't know if they need this combination filter ( both dust and oder) or the white paper element pollen and dust filter ( see related products ). In the end you will need to make the decision.

On Demand Video

W211 E-Class Engine Compartment Cabin Air Filter Replacement - On Demand Video

This applies to all models from 2003 to 2009 - E320 E500 E350 E550 E55

This video will cover the step-by-step procedure for replacing the cabin air filter that is located in the engine compartment on all W211 chassis sedans. PLEASE NOTE: This video is free when you purchase one of our intake cabin air filters.


2003 to 2006 W211 Engine Compartment Intake Air Pollen Cabin Filter

Easy install by right side firewall. For those models that have carbon filters inside the car under the glove box.

There is much confusion among W211 owners as well as parts houses concerning the application of this filter. All W211 models from 2003 to 2009 had a cabin air filter located under a plastic box on the right side of the engine compartment near the firewall.


1994 and 1995 W124 Cabin Air Filter Replacement Set

For sedans, coupes and wagons last two years of production only

For you 124 owners cabin air filters have been somewhat of a mystery. Parts application information in many auto parts stores don't seem to be accurate and many are not even sure where they are located. Some owners may even think it is just to hard to change them.


201 Chassis Heater Motor Repair By Kent Bergsma - Download

Applies to 1984 to 1993 190E 2.3 190E 2.6 190D 2.2 190D 2.5

FITS ALL 190E and 190D 1984 TO 1993. This is the repair manual you 201 owners have been waiting for. If your blower motor has been intermittent, or some days it will not come on until you drive for a while, your heater motor brushes are most likely at the end of their life.


107 Chassis Heater Motor Repair By Kent Bergsma - Download

Repair guide for all 107 SL and SLC models 1972 - 1989

For all 107 chassis SL and SLC built from 1972 to 1989. This repair guide will take you through the process of how to properly remove your heater blower motor and replace the motors two brushes. This is the most common reason for failure.


123 116 Heater Motor Repair By Kent Bergsma - Download

How to replace the brushes on most 123 and 116 Model years 1973-1985

For most 123 chassis cars made from 1977 to 1985 and all 116 chassis sedans built from 1973 to 1980 with the Behr Heater motor. This repair guide will take you through the process of how to properly remove your heater blower motor and replace the motors two brushes.


1977 to 1981 ACC II Climate Control Servo Replacement - Modern Electronic Upgrade

Written instructions are included. Extra on-demand videos to help you understand the ORIGINAL are included at no extra charge ($25 value).

For US Models 116, 107, and 123 from 1977 to 1981 with Automatic Climate Control (Vertical Push Button Panel). New for 2023. Easy installation and excellent temperature regulation!


Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor

SINGLE pin - located on left side of cylinder head by glow plugs on 1977 to 1985 OM616 and OM617 Diesel engines.

New coolant temperature sensor for most Mercedes built from 1973 to 1993, Gasoline and Diesel models. Many gas models it is located on top of the thermostat housing. Sends signal to engine coolant temperature gauge on the dashboard. These are getting harder to get. Single pin


W126 300SD Monovalve Housing, Electric Aux Pump, Bracket and Hoses - USED

Good working condition. Fits 1981 to 1985 126 300SD and 380SE / L

Good used monovalve housing and hoses as shown. One hose is missing. Electric pump runs smoothly and these are no longer available. Good pump bracket. Mono valve switch assembly and plunger is NOT INCLUDED. SEE RELATED PRODUCTS below to order separately.

201 heater core

201 Chassis 190E 190D Heater Core

New Heater Core install kit fits all 201 chassis 1984 to 1993, made by Nissens. If you are picking up a smell of coolant (obnoxious sweet smell) when you are running your heater that may be the first sign your heater core has developed a small leak. Best to replace with new.


123 240D 300D 300TD Electric Auxilary Fan Brackets (Used)

Burgundy color but can easily be repainted. No damage

Fits all 123 sedans, coupes and wagons 1977-1985 with air conditioning. These are the brackets that hold the aux. electric fan in place. If you have been in a front end hit you will most likely need to replace these bars.

108 114 Heater valve o-rings

108 109 114 115 Chassis Genuine Mercedes Heater Valve O Ring Seal Repair Kit

280SE 280SEL 300SEL 220 230 250 280 250C 280C 220D 240D 300D 1967 to 1976

Genuine Mercedes special o-ring set to repair the leaking brass heater valve levers on your 1967 to 1973 108 / 109 sedans and 1968 to 1976 114 / 115 sedans and coupes. These are not your normal orings. These are a custom design made specifically for the heater valve control barrels.


W123 W116 Chassis Heater and A/C Motor Brushes w/ PDF Instructions

WARNING: Does not fit all motors. Will NOT fit Seimens motors found on some 123 chassis

For *most 123 chassis cars made from 1977 to 1985 and *mostl 116 chassis sedans built from 1973 to 1980. The PDF repair guide will take you through the process of how to properly remove your heater blower motor and replace the motors two brushes.