201 Chassis Heater Motor Repair By Kent Bergsma - Download

Applies to 1984 to 1993 190E 2.3 190E 2.6 190D 2.2 190D 2.5

FITS ALL 190E and 190D 1984 TO 1993. This is the repair manual you 201 owners have been waiting for. If your blower motor has been intermittent, or some days it will not come on until you drive for a while, your heater motor brushes are most likely at the end of their life. Try this simple test: the next time your heater motor will not come on try slamming the door. If it suddenly starts running it could be that the brushes are just not making good contact. If your 201 has more than 120,000 miles total,  then the brushes are something you may want to replace as a preventative measure. Also, a 15 year old, or older, heater motor is very prone to failing. If it has not failed yet, most likely it will sometime soon.

201 Chassis Heater Motor Repair By Kent Bergsma - Download

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The reason most owners do not replace the heater motor as a preventative measure is the cost. Dealer cost on a new heater motor assembly is over $400.00 plus the additional cost of having to install it. And dealers do not provide overhaul kits or replacement brushes either. At that price I would wait until it failed too! I have a way to beat the system, but it takes a little elbow grease. The best time to do this job is now! You do not want to wait until it gets really hot or really cold to have the blower motor fail on you. You will get the satisfaction of beating the system and the pleasure of having done it yourself.

This manual covers instructions only. It will help you get to and test your heater motor. It will also show you how to remove and replace your windshield wiper mechanism. 

Brushes are not incluced. If you would like to order the kit with the manual and the brushes  look below.

IMPORTANT: If you are planning to replace your heater motor brushes I highly recommend you have a high output soldering pencil on hand. If you don't, then I recommend you purchase the one we sell on our website. It is a powerful 60 watt unit and works great! You can find it in the Tools and hardware category.

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