OM616 and OM617 Diesel Engine HIGH Pressure Injection Pump Timing Kit

Comes with HOUR LONG VIDEO instructions. Requires pressure tank for accurate and consistent results.

Kent's procedure uses the factory recommended "drip tube method" but with a "twist." He has devised a way to get accurate and consistant IP timing results while trying to get the drip tube to drip at one drip per second exactly when it should! Precise accuracy comes from providing constant and steady low fuel pressure to the injection pump.  This is acheived by using a small pressurized tank filled with diesel fuel and attached to the inlet of the small plastic pre filter. This method also makes it very easy for just one person to set their own injection pump timing without additional hands. 

OM616 and OM617 Diesel Engine HIGH Pressure Injection Pump Timing Kit
Free Add-Ons Included:

OM616 and OM617 Diesel Injection Pump Timing HIGH Pressure Method - On Demand Video

Setting Early Diesel Injection Pump Timing Using FLOW Method - On Demand Video

Product Details

Kent explains how to adapt this IP timing kit to your older Pressure Brake Bleeder tank. Click on arrow in center of picture to view

Kit includes the following:

  • Special hose to attach to pressure tank and to engine lift pump
  • 1 Hose clamp for attachment hose
  • Custom made drip tube to connect to injection pump
  • Special red hose clamp off tool  (either 1 inch or 1/2 inch)
  • Short piece of injector return hose
  • 1 golf tee
  • 2 oz. container to catch diesel drips during timing
  • Extra splice fitting with zip ties ( this will allow you to use this new kit with your old pressure tank that does not have a splice fitting)
  • Shoulder bolt to prevent diesel fuel leaking from your cars fuel tank when hose is disconnect
  • Catch tube and clear hose to prevent fuel spills from the drip tube during adjustment
  • Step-by-step video high-pressure method instructions by Kent Bergsma

NOT INCLUDED IN THIS KIT: pressure tank for diesel fuel ( see related products below to order separately).  Note that this tank can also pressure bleed your brakes. So if you purchase the recommend tank that Kent builds in his shop you will be able to get "double duty" out of it. Kent is currently working on other attachments for this pressure tank that can accomplish addition testing and cleaning jobs on your car. 


  • 13 mm curved wrench to get to the injection pump mounting nuts
  • Deep 27mm or 1/16 inch socket and long ratchet wrench to turn engine over by hand
  • Heat shield crush washers and injector return hose if you plan to loosen or remove your fuel injectors.
  • Good assortment of metric hand tools

PLEASE NOTE: Although it is possible to use this kit without a pressure tank to adjust injection pump timing, some of the pieces in the kit are designed specifically for use with our tank. See my other video on the flow method available separately in related products below:

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