Anodized Aluminum Window Trim Polish Restoration Kit

Bring that new car shine back to most milky and spotted window trim with Miracle Paste! A power tool is required.

Mercedes 114, 115, 107, 116, 123, 126, 124, and 201 chassis window trim has a super strong anodized coating that is impervious to hand polishing but still can oxidize when exposed to harsh environmental elements. When this happens the trim becomes spotted and milky in color and it is NOT pretty! This problem has plagued many owners over the years and most have just given up and learned to live with it. 

Anodized Aluminum Window Trim Polish Restoration Kit
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Restoring Oxidized and Faded Anodized Aluminum Trim

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PLEASE NOTE: We are currently shipping the high-quality quick-release finger sander shown below. 

Be sure to watch Kent's video on how this product works. CLICK HERE TO VIEW.

Now there is a solution! Kent spent 2 months and over 100 hours testing countless products and techniques. He literally wore out his right elbow-rubbing and rubbing! He was almost ready to throw in the towel until he decided to revisit the possibility of using a power tool that would give the same motion as hand rubbing but at a very high speed. Thus, enter the multi-function tool. This tool is known among carpenters and woodworkers as one of the best tools to have on any job. Not much has been said about using it as a polisher, but Kent took on the task of finding the right attachment, the right pad material, and just the right compound. In the end, he mixed a special blend of three compounds that ended up doing the job in a reasonable amount of time.


IMPORTANT: In order for this kit to work you will need a high-speed multi-function tool. This tool is available at any hardware store and must be purchased separately. It is not included in this kit. The finger polishing attachment included is a universal design and it will bolt onto Craftsman, Bosch, Rockwell, Dremel, and Chicago Electric multi-function tools. IF YOU WISH TO PURCHASE OUR DELUXE KIT with the power tool included see related products below:

This DIY kit includes the following:

  • Finger polishing attachment for multi-function tool (triangle shape)
  • Polishing pad material to be cut to size
  • Finger polisher fiber cleaning stick
  • Special Miracle Paste compound to deoxidize and polish aluminum (1.8 oz squeeze bottle with flip cap)
  • Roll 3/4 inch masking tape
  • Bright metal cleaner wax in 1 oz container
  • Cotton applicators for metal wax
  • Nitrile gloves to protect hands
  • PDF Complete illustrated step-by-step instructions

PLEASE NOTE: The written instructions may show some different attachments that I used years ago in original testing but the kit ONLY COMES WITH ONE MULTITOOL ATTACHMENT AS shown in the picture above. The supplied materials are more than enough to do the average older Mercedes. In some cases, if the oxidation is not too bad you may have enough paste to do two cars. The paste is very expensive and you do not need to apply a lot to get the desired results. And yes, it works on other cars as well as on the bronze anodized trim on the later model 201 and 124 chassis Mercedes.

A special metal wax is included to help protect the trim from further oxidation. Yes, as long as the trim is exposed to the elements the spotting can return. We recommend you wax the trim every three months if you do not garage your car. This can be done in about 10 minutes with the supplied wax and applicator. One ounce of this special wax is enough for 10 to 20 applications. The wax contains a cleaning agent so when you rub it on it will remove any film or chemicals. Do not use harsh detergents on your trim in the future. Avoid automatic car washes if you can.

Here is a before and after picture of the rear trim on his own 300TD wagon.  Just look at the difference!

During the same period he completely restored the trim on his 1986 300SDL and it was in really bad shape. It literally made a nice car look bad! Even he was surprised at the results.


IMPORTANT: The average car could take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours to restore using this kit and a high-speed multi-function tool. The tool can be one speed or variable speed. The finger polisher will allow you to control where you are polishing and will let you get into tight places on the trim. 

Can my ugly trim be polished out?????  This is a question we get asked a lot. From our experience is has a lot to do with how long the car has been left outside and the atmospheric conditions at the time. If the car was near saltwater or in an industrial area where there was heavy "acid rain" then it is most likely you will wear through the anodized coating before you ever get the spots out. That is why we can not guarantee that this product with work in every instance. The spotting you saw in the trim above is the type you can polish out.

Here are a couple of pictures of HEAVY OXIDATION that may or may NOT polish out.  The only way for you to know for sure it to try it.....Unfortunately, there is no way you can "TEST" without the full kit and the high-speed tool. Trying to polish by hand to see "will it work on my trim" absolutely will NOT work. 


How to view the PDF digital instructions:

Once you complete the purchase of this product you will be able to download the digital instructions immediately when you are logged in and on your personal account page (click on My Account). Any PDFs will show up under My PDF Manuals. You will be allowed three downloads, so please save the file on your machine for backup.

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DISCLAIMER: We cannot guarantee this kit will work on every old or even new Mercedes with faded or spotty trim (even if you think your trim appears to look "ok" except for the fading). In about 10 percent of the cars, Kent has worked on he was not able to get a luster shine to return. This even happened recently on his 2000 S500. So age is not necessarily the issue. If the trim you are working on has been left outside for years, subject to saltwater air or heavy acid rain it may not be restorable. You will not be able to bring back the original shine. In other cases, the anodized coating is so thin that the power tool will cut through it down to the bare aluminum and then it may look even worse. We have found if this method of polishing does not work then the only other option is trim replacement (preferably finding good used trim from another car.) Because of these issues, we can not offer a warranty on the performance of this kit.

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