How to Use a Scan Tool to Read Check Engine (Light) Codes - On Demand Video

This is way easier than you might think and learning how could save you thousands $$$

Enter the dreaded “check engine” light. When it suddenly comes on it can create fear and panic in many a driver. Kent has known some people who have sold their cars cheap because they just did not want to deal with taking the car into a mechanic to get it fixed. The car Kent is sitting in in this video was sold to him by the previous owner because he had been recently charged $370.00 to “fix” a check engine light issue that was only caused by the gas cap not being fully tightened after a fill up. For him that was the last straw.

How to Use a Scan Tool to Read Check Engine (Light) Codes - On Demand Video

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But was it really the fault of the car? If he had a simple code reader (scan tool) he could have found out that his gas cap was loose, then he could have tightened it himself and cleared the codes so the light would go off. All from a simple and inexpensive tool that Kent will show you how to use in this video. 

This video will contain the following information:

  • Importance of a code reader on 1996 and newer cars
  • Why you should carry one in your car
  • Reading an actual check engine light in one of Kent's Mercedes
  • How to find out what the code means
  • Example of big money saved by knowing how to read one
  • Encouragement to get and learn how to use one.  It is easy!!!

This video will not cover the following: 

Specific instructions for clearing the codes. This is quite easy and is covered in the digital manual included with the code reader. Once you learn how to turn it on and read the codes clearing the code or codes is easy.

Pulling codes from other system computers that are not related to Emission Control Systems is not covered in this video. Remember OBDll Scan Tools are designed to pull and read relevant codes that affect exhaust emissions. It is government law that it be standard on all cars 1996 and newer. For instance the OBDll scan tool shown in this video will not tell you what is wrong with your climate control or seat controls, etc, etc. But many problems related to drivability are also related to emissions, so there are many codes that can be checked and cleared.

Total Run Time: 13:08

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