Windshield Fine Scratch Removal and Glass Polishing Kit

WARNING! Not guaranteed to work on all scratches. WILL NOT WORK ON SAND PITS. Do finger test on wiper scratches BEFORE ordering!!! Read and see more below.

Contains all supplies and video instructions you need - except a multitool (see description. )Ever wish you could get rid of the annoying wiper scratches on your front windshield (or rear hatch glass if you have a rear wiper)? How about those fine scratches in your side windows caused by dirt in the scrapers with rolling the windows up and down. Maybe you have water or acid rain stains in your side glass or even shower door glass and want to get the surface looking shiny new again?? PLEASE NOTE: We are currently shipping the finger sander fill the full round attachment piece for multitools that use a bolt. ( we are not shipping the one pictured above ). If you want to use this in a quick-release tool you can use a Dremel tool or cutoff tool to cut out the back section so it can slip into your quick release too. 

Windshield Fine Scratch Removal and Glass Polishing Kit
Free Add-Ons Included:

How to Remove Fine Scratches from Your Car's Windshield - On Demand Video

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Why this method is better

Like Ryan you will not believe the before and after results


With this cool kit Kent developed, you can do all that will less mess and less heat build-up that you damage your safety glass. Be sure to watch his YouTube video where he will compare his polishing process with the other more messy one normally touted on the Internet. 

But, to use this kit you will need your own multitool.  This has become one of Kent’s favorite tools around his shop and home. Amazing all the jobs you can do with this tool that you can not easily do with any other tool. If you don’t own one here is your excuse to get one!!! 


IMPORTANT: This tool is available at any hardware store and must be purchased separately. It is not included in this kit. The finger polishing attachment included is a universal design and it will ONLY bolt onto Craftsman, Bosch, Rockwell, Dremel, and Chicago Electric multi-function tools. IF YOU WISH TO PURCHASE OUR DELUXE GLASS POLISH KIT with the power tool included see related products below:

This DIY kit includes the following:

    •    Finger polishing attachment for a multi-function tool

    •    2 Velcro backed polishing disks you will need to cut to size

    •    Special compound to mix your own polished paste (the best!)

    •    Empty one-ounce container to do your mixing in

    •    Curved tip syringe to apply small amounts of water when needed

    •    2 acid brushes to mix and apply the polishing paste

    •    3 plastic razor blades to pre-clean the glass

    •    2 pairs of nitrile gloves

    •    Free detailed video instructions

The supplied materials are more than enough to do two to four windshields with minor wiper blade scratches. In some cases, if the scratches are too numerous you may be able to only do one windshield or rear hatch glass. Some scratches can NOT be removed. Run your fingernail along the scratched area. If it catches on the glass the scratch is probably too deep to completely remove. You can be able to get it to look a lot better though. Other fine scratches that your fingernail does not catch can usually be completely removed with this kit.  Yes, IT IS AMAZING!!!

If you are trying to get the ugly water spots off your side windows this system works great.

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