New Tumbler Installed and Key is Stuck - HELP!

We are getting too many emails like this usually after parts are bought somewhere else

We know what is causing all the grief. We are trying to warn people but it is hard to get the word out. We are finding that most of the new 1995 and older tumblers and ignition locks being sold have problems with them - including the OEM steering locks from the dealer. Lack of lubrication, misfitting parts internally, sticking spacers and rub pads, alignment issues and so on. Can you imagine how much time it takes for us to take each tumbler and each steering lock apart and fix the problems!!!  To some it may sound like we are just trying to sell our own products.  We are really trying to prevent what you can read about in the following email correspondence below:

Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:


This is typical of the emails we have been receiving: 

Purchased your ignition tumbler on march 22 but never installed it. Since steering lock assembly was new and out of car, i installed ignition tumbler two weeks ago. The key immediately got stock as soon as it was turned. Can't remove key or tumbler. Kent warned me on his video of this happening on cheaper ebay tumblers. That's one reason i bought his. Need help. I would be willing to cut my loses and purchase a complete steering lock assembly with ignition switch and ignition tumbler attached if you could give me an allowance for the broken tumbler. My car has the w124 chasis.

Here is Kent's reply:  We have been having problems with tumblers for the past few years, but we are now starting to see a lot of problems with steering lock assemblies. We have to take each steering lock apart including OE units, lube them, test, inspect and modify each one as requiredWe hear stories like yours far too often - that is why we only sell steering locks with the tumbler installed and fully lubed and tested. It is a BIG PAIN for us but eliminates the pain you are experiencing. You might try putting in the cam assembly for the lock out function, installing the electrical switch on the back and connecting the cable going to the transmission and see if that will allow you to turn the key. You don’t have to install in steering column to do this. If that does not help there is something wrong with your steering lock assembly. Even if you were to cut the cap off and get the tumbler removed unless you know how to fix the steering lock a replacement tumbler will probably not helpful the problem.  Let us know if you are able to get the key to turn with the other parts installed. If not, your best option is to buy a complete assembly that we have tested here