1967 Mercedes 250SL Coupe-long storage won't start!

HI! First Time here, I would appreciate ANY and ALL information, you could give me. I have recently "inhereited" my father's 1967 250SL Mercedes Coupe, it has set up for 5 years, it needs ALOT OF WORK. I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT CARS!!! except they need gas and oil. I have decided to "redo" this little car and NOBODY WANTS TO TOUCH IT!! A friend of my father's who did do work on this car 5 years, 10 years ago, retired now, said that first thing I need to do is get a FUEL INJECTION PUMP?...ok? WHY? I don't know, but....HERE GOES I need INFORMATION ON: 1.How to REMOVE and REINSTALL a fuel injection pump...........NOOOO, I'm not going to do this myself, my next SEARCH will be for someone who WILL WORK ON IT here in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where they MAKE THE MERCEDES SUV...ANYWAY..... I was told that IF THE "TIMING" WAS NOT CORRECT? THE CAR WOULD NOT GET GAS, WOULD NOT RUN. 2. IS THERE? PRINTED INFORMATION, A MANUAL ON THE REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION OF A FUEL INJECTION PUMP? 3. CLEANING THE INJECTION PUMP? 4. WHAT TOOLS to use for this repair? I want to have a little knowledge about this car before the DEALERSHIP sees me coming and LETS ME HAVE IT!!! ON REPAIRING THIS CAR. I am a single mom, REALLY CAN'T AFFORD THE OIL CHANGE IN A MERCEDES!!! PROBABLY BUT????? If I have to sell it, IT NEEDS TO BE RUNNING!!! I thank you for your time, I thank you for any HELP that you might be able to give me on this cute little car. OH, ALSO....DOES ANYONE KNOW??? HOW TO GO ABOUT HAVING SOMEONE...WHO REBUILDS, REFURBISHES, WHATEVER YOU CALL IT!!..MERCEDES SOMEWHERE IN THE SOUTHERN STATES? Would it be TOO COSTLY to have it restored to run well, and maybe I could keep it. I sure can't go out and BUY A NEW MERCEDES COUPE, BUT WILL IT COST THE SAME! TO HAVE THIS ONE RUNNING? Thank you soooo much for any information, Leslie


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