83 300D turbo ATF fluid in vacuum lines

My 83 300D Turbo recently developed some quirks such as: surging/lurching while driving, not shifting properly(rpms getting way too high), and not engaging when put in gear. When looking under the hood, I happened to notice pink fluid flowing through a couple of the clear vacuum lines. I assume this to be ATF fluid. I began testing vacuum at various points, and found that the vacuum device on the drivers side of the transmission didn't hold vacuum, there were a couple of other connections not holding vacuum as well including one on the vacuum device mounted near the IP. Has anyone else had these symptoms and found solutions? I'm hoping it might only be a vacuum issue, but don't know. Also, if ATF fluid is being sucked through the vacuum lines is it going to harm the vacuum pump, engine, or other related components? Would I need to drain/suck out the fluid from the vacuum lines/system. Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.


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