Removing Damaged Door Striker Plate Bolts

Easy to round out the hex head bolts - then what do you do ?? !!!

Mercedes door closing can be adjusted. Once you find this out you are more than excited to loosen up the door striker and move it around to get the door to close better. The excitement is soon squashed when you round out the first head on one of the bolts.

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Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:


This happens so often that we came up with a special tool that we include in our door striker replacement kit. Watch Kent's free YouTube video to see how this tool is used (the action is live and yes the bolt head did round out on the first try!!) If you can not get the bolts out you will have to drill the head off - so better to get them to come out before you have to go get the drill. 

Full instructions are included with our kit. You can also buy extra bolts. Be sure to lube your door catch assembly with synthetic grease.