Engine Oil Leaks On Your 201 124 and Late 126 Chassis

Catch them with a diaper before they drip on the ground!

Engine oil leaks are common on these models - especially if you have a 6 cylinder 103 gas engine. The head gasket can weep oil on the right front side of the engine. If it is a small leak I suggest you live with it. Often the head gasket can be replaced only to have the leak come back in a couple years. My solution is to use a diaper on the under engine plastic panel as shown. Get one or two thick oil absorbent pads and screw them onto the panel right under the area of the leak. Then plan to change the diaper every oil change. You know how all us guys love changing diapers!

Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:


Along with the special pads you will need some very short sheet metal screws and large washers.