Engine Won't Start? Could It Be the Distributor Cap?

You would be amazed at the pesky problems these can create!

Engine won't start when cold? Engine won't start when it is really wet outside? Engine quits and stumbles after starting? Engine backfires when accelerating? Engine shakes and idles rough? Poor fuel economy and weak acceleration? Engine just quit on you going down the road?

Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:


There are a number of reasons why the above could happen, but in Kent's experience a large percentage of these type of problems are related to the engine's ignition system and not the fuel system. AND a large number of those problems can be traced right back to the distributor cap. 

Look at the cap above. It came off a Benz that would not start outside in a damp environment. Once the car came inside and warmed up it fired right up. Watch Kent's video as he explains and shows you the deterioration of the cap up close.

There are other reasons why your gas engine may not fire up or keep running. Watch Kent's 2.5 hour long video class  if you are having these type of problems with your C.I.S. fuel injected engine. See related products below.