Garrett T3 Compared to KKK Turbo Charger

How to tell which one you have?

We often receive emails from customers asking for help in confirming which type of turbo they have. Granted they do look similar but they are quite different especially on inside dimensions and component sizing. Since we ONLY offer repair parts for the Garrett T3 it is VERY important that you know which turbocharger you have BEFORE ordering parts.

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Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:


The best way to spot the difference is to look as the waste gate assembly. On the 1985 and older KKK turbos the waste gate actuator housing sticks out at a right angle to the turbo charger. In the picture below you can spot the rough cylindrical waste gate actuator right below the turbine (hot) section of the turbo charger.

On the Garrett T3 1985 and older the actuator for the waste gate points toward the front of the engine as in the picture you see here. Can you see the waste gate actuator housing right under the turbo with the silicone hose going into the front?

NOTE 1986 to 1987 OM 603 owners. These engines still use the Garrett T3 and KKK turbos but the waste gate designs are a little different. You can spot the Garrett T3 because it has a long steel rod under and alongside the turbo that actuates the waste gate. The KKK has no rod but a finned housing directly to the waste gate.