Garrett T3 Turbo Removal from Turbine Housing

Sometimes it can be near impossible to get the bolts out and the parts separated

If  you are having problems getting one or more bolts out of the turbine housing this can be a real problem. If you try to force them and break them out it is VERY difficult to remove the rusty stud that remains. Care should be used to not break any of these six bolts. Start by soaking the bolts with rust penetrant and letting them soak over night. Then use heat (preferably MAPP gas torch) to heat up the housing. Work the bolt back and forth while the housing is still hot.  Keep trying. 

Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:


If it will not come out, I can recommend the following:

1. If you have used that much heat on that lower bolt and it still won't budge, then it is going to break off.  Cutting or breaking it off will be the only solution. Then you have the problem of trying to tap out a rusty bolt in the turbine housing and that can sometimes go sideways.  

2. I recommend you take the entire turbo and manifolds off your engine (if you have not done so already). Then you can get to everything. That may seem like a lot of work but in the end it will be faster and you can replace worn gaskets and get a very good inspection on all parts.

3. If you do break off one or more bolts, try to find a good used housing.  We sometimes have a few good used ones in stock with good threads. If you can't get a replacement you will have to carefully drill and tap out the old rusty bolt. An easy out will not work since it will be stuck in there too tight.

4. You should have a new intake/exhaust manifold gasket on hand before you start the job