Problems You Might Encounter Running Biodiesel

Biodiesel is not too kind to rubber

CAUTIONS WHEN RUNNING B80 TO B100: Straight biodiesel can be very corrosive to metal parts as well as damaging to all types of rubber. It won't hurt your engine UNLESS you let it remain in the fuel system when the car is in storage. It can literally rust up your injection pump and fuel injectors and that is not good. Any time you plan to store or not drive your diesel for than 30 days remove the biodiesel and purge your fuel system with straight diesel fuel. (This is also true if you are running straight vegetable oil).

Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:


If you are running straight biodiesel or any mix above B20 be very very careful not to spill or let it leak on any rubber parts. This includes motor mounts, front suspension rubber, radiator and coolant hoses, etc. It LOVES to eat rubber. Take a look at this motor mount removed from a 300SD. The owner had a leaking hand primer pump. So when he changed his filters he would pump fuel onto the motor mount. This happened in less that a year!!! I have seen this happen a number of times. Fix any fuel leaks immediately. It has an internal sheath inside that is impervious to penetration by any fuel.

If the fuel leaks are bad enough it can also attack the front rubber suspension parts. Most fuel leaks come from failing fuel hoses. Replace all your original fuel hose with biodiesel grade hose. We carry what we believe is the best on the market ( by Parker Hose). It has a sheath inside the hose that prevents contamination of the outer rubber casing.