Swapping Different Engines into My Old Tired Diesel

When you engine wears out - look seriously at swapping in a different engine

Can you put a turbo engine in a non turbo car? Can you put a 300D engine in a 240D? Can you put a W123 diesel engine in an older W115? Follow Kent's video series listed below to find out what you can and can not do:

Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:


Mercedes Diesel Engine Swaps Between Chassis and Models: Introduction: https://youtu.be/i9Yg8YF2u0c

Mercedes Diesel Engine Swap Advice: OM617 Non Turbo into a W123 240D  https://youtu.be/aTCR0IZ9hnY

Mercedes Diesel Engine Swap Advice: OM617 Turbo into Non Turbo W123: https://youtu.be/-OC4G058UU8