Broken Manual Seat Adjustment Pull Handle

Very common problem on most 1970's and early to mid 1980's W123 and W126

Is one or more of your seat adjustment handles broken? Are you tired of having them break when you pull up hard on them to move your front seat? If you own and drive an older Benz with manual seats you have probably already experienced this problem.

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Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:


There are two solutions:

1. Remove your seat and disassemble the seat tracks so you can remove the lever that the original molded handle was attached to. Then go find a used lever with a handle that is not cracked or broken off and replace it. Put the seat tracks back on and put back into the car. This could take a couple hours just to fix the problem.

2. Purchase our aftermarket seat pull handle. Chisel off the remains of your old broken handle from the lever without removing the seat from the car. Then BOLT the new handle to the old lever with the bolts and nuts included. No drilling required - job takes about 10 minutes.