Cracks in the Dash

You have a few options

Dash cracks are common on all older models. Your options for repair are as follows:

123 dash cracking easy fix

Problem & Solution

  • 1. Replace the dash with good used one from another car (best option for show restoration)
  • 2. Install a plastic overlay cover. Easy install but if you will notice the difference. Not perfect but better than cracks
  • 3. Lay a dash carpet cover over the top of your existing dash 
  • 4. Make your own cheap fix as shown here

Note: We have not found any products that will fill the cracks that look good and will last. Usually the cracks will open right back up. We get lots of requests for good replacement dashes or opinions on a plastic dash overlay. I personally feel that the plastic overlay is easier on the eyes than looking at major cracks in the dash.

For you 123 owners we found a simple solution (particularly if the dash just has some small crack in the center area). We use the rubberized shelf liner that you can purchase at most hardware stores. It is also the rubberized pebble material that you can put in your tool box drawers (available at any Sears Store). If you carefully cut a piece of this to fit in the inside area of the top dash it actually looks pretty good. It hides the cracks and gives the dash a little texture. An added plus is this material will keep things from sliding off your dash while you are driving. 

PLEASE NOTE: We do not carry dash over-lays or carpet covers. It has been hard to find good quality. If you are looking for one just do a google search and you should be able to locate a supplier.