2000 to 2006 Airmatic Front Suspension Loose

Suspect one or more worn rubber bushings

If you have a Mercedes or are planning to buy one with airmatic suspension you should immediately inspect the key wear components on cars with over 80,000 miles if they have been driven on rough roads and over 100,000 on airmatic cars that have mostly freeway mileage. If the front end has been out of alignment or tires are bad, wear on all the control arm rubber bushings will increase. If you feel the front of the car "moving around" when you hit bumps or ruts that is a sure sign there is something worn out!!!

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Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:


Kent has produced a video that explains the symptoms he was having on his own W220 S500 with airmatic suspension and what he had to do to inspect the front end and replace the failed rubber bushing on the lower control arm. Even if you do not have an airmatic suspension Mercedes, this video will help you understand how to inspect a front end and how to remove ball joints yourself without expensive tools. Watching this video will also help you decide whether or not you want to tackle this job yourself. See related products for a direct link to this ondemand video.