Mounting a Mercedes Wheel on the Hub

This can be frustrating without the right tool. Yes, there is a tool!

Ever try to lift an alloy wheel up onto the hub and try to get the lug bolts started with your other hand? If you have you know what we are talking about. It can be difficult and a real strain. There is a better way. In most older Mercedes the factory included a tool just for this purpose. Many times the tool has been lost by previous owners and the new owners may not be aware of it.

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Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:

W108 W109
W110 W111 W112 Sedan
W111 W112 Coupe

It is called a wheel alignment pin and it screws into one of the lub bolt holes allowing you to set and rest the wheel on this pin while you start the lug bolts at your leasure. What could be better than that?  If your tool has been lost we carry quality replacements machined out of stainless steel (better than factory!)