Installing a Mercedessource Diesel to Vegetable Oil Fuel Conversion

We offer an easy to install kit or you can build one from our components

There has been so much written on this subject. You can find all kinds of "experts" on the internet telling you that their way is the easiest, cheapest and or best. You will find a lot of "expert" opinion but very little scientific research and validation. When approaching this subject just remember the old saying, "there is no free lunch."

Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:


We only produce and sell one simple single tank conversion kit for older Mercedes diesels 1968 to 1993. These rugged older Mercedes diesel engines with mechanical fuel injection and no or minimal computer controls are the best automotive engines ever built to tolerate running on waste cooking oil. Considering the work in collecting, storing and filtering the oil is not free and you WILL have to perform more yearly maintenance on your engine. But I must admit it is kind of fun to whip by the local service station with your exhaust smelling like a restaurant and waving at the $5.00 per gallon signs out front....

Deluxe Heater Kit

The very best way to find out about our approach to running SVO is to read through the description of our STC 100 conversion kit and the other related SVO products we offer.  We sell individual components so you can build your own, but please keep in mind you must be familiar with how a conversion works. We do not offer full instructions unless you buy our complete kit.


If you want to "build your own system" we do sell individual components. Check out related products for more detail.