Sorting Out the Claims When Considering a Diesel to Vegetable Oil Conversion

Here are some tips to considering when putting together your own conversion

If you are considering building your own SVO fuel conversion to install in your Mercedes Diesel there are a number of issues to ponder. Seems like there is no end to free advice and some of it is conflicting! You can browse through our website and read our SVO questions and answers and each of our product listings in detail to understand how we approach SVO conversions. Couple key points to remember:

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Common among these chassis:


1. Don't heat the oil in the tank - it degrades the oil and causes excess condensation and moisture
2. If necessary, heat the oil just when it leaves the tank (sump heater)
3. You only need to get the oil warm enough at the back end of the car to be able to flow to the engine
4. In warmer weather you don't need to heat it at all (STC conversion)
5. Use an electric boost fuel pump at the back end - far more important than overheating the oil
6. Electric heaters at the engine are faster and allow for quicker switching in cold weather
7. Be careful of your electrical load if you are running a Mercedes. Alternator can only handle so much
8. Engine compression and injector spray pattern are more important than how hot the oil is
9. Install Monark nozzles and balance injectors for peak performance
10. Be prepared for ongoing maintenance related to cleaning injector tips and reaming glow chambers (we suggest every 24,000 miles)
11. ABSOLUTELY do not leave vegetable oil in your tank or in your injection system longer than 3 weeks without driving the car. Flush the entire system with diesel and run for at least 20 minutes before any prolonged storage!

I know there are lots of different opinions. In my 9 years of working with these conversion I have learned one thing for sure. There is a large amount of unscientific claims floating around the internet about how best to convert. Just don't believe everything you read....

Good luck on your conversion.

Kent Bergsma

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