Bosch Fuel Injection and Engine Management Manual

Theory of operation, troubleshooting and service 1969 to 1995

Some of those early fuel injections systems can be troublesome. If you don't understand the system or how it works you will never be able to troubleshoot it successfully. This manual explains the different comp0nents in the system, their purpose, and how they interact together. covers the following Bosch Fuel Injection systems.

Bosch Fuel Injection and Engine Management Manual

Product Details

  • LH-Motronic
  • Motronic
  • LH-Jetronic
  • L-Jectronic
  • D-Jetronic
  • KE-Motronic
  • KE-Jentronic
  • K-Jetronic

By reading this manual you will be able to identify each type of Bosch fuel injection and management system, learn the basics of air flow management and fuel metering, and understand how engine management controls both fuel delivery and ignition to improve driveability. Once you grasp the theory this manual will help you diagnose problems and perform routine service on your car with simple tools.