Diesel Fuel Injector Return Fuel Hose AND Brake Pad Service Tool

Easy way to remove and reinstall that hard to reach small injector fuel return hose and vacuum hose - AND works on brake pads too!!!

While working on the fuel injectors of a 240D this week, Kent finally decided he had had enough. After 20 years of fighting those fuel injector return hoses he decided he just had to come up with a tool to make the job easier. 2 hours later the tool was designed and the prototype made. The long handles made it a pleasure to work with. 

Diesel Fuel Injector Return Fuel Hose AND Brake Pad Service Tool

Product Details

Free video showing this tool in action on a 240D

Watch the same tool being used to remove brake pads


You can use the sharp points of the tip to help "rip off" old hard and stuck fuel hose. Dip the tip of the new hose into diesel fuel to help lubricate it and then use the plier to hold the hose without damaging it while you reach down and easily slip it on over the nipple at the top of the fuel injector.  PLEASE NOTE: Depending on your engine and the design of the surrounding parts it may not be possible to reach EVERY hose with these pliers.

While recently working on some rusty and stuck brakes Kent discovered this tool also works great to help remove brake pads. Watch the video below to see a demonstration!

As a side benefit the plier works great for removal and install vacuum hose in tight places as well ( like the fuel shut off valve )!