Early Diesel Fast Glow Plug

Upgrade to better glow plugs for 1969 to 1979 220D 240D and 300D

New German made Monark Fast heat glow plug designed to replace the series loop tip style glow plugs that were installed in all non-turbo diesel engines up to 1979. These have the large thread built in so they will install directly into the older heads. Sold individually so you can purchase this glow plug in any quantity. Just change in your shopping cart.

Early Diesel Fast Glow Plug

Product Details

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are going to install these you must understand how they need to be wired differently and how they will respond with your current relay or pull starter. If you do not, then I suggest you purchase our complete kit with wires and instructions. If you already have the conversion done and need a replacement glow plug or you understand how to convert your series system to parallel, then you can purchase these outside of our kit. NO instructions are included.

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