How to Clean Out Plugged Sunroof Drains - On Demand Video

In this short video Kent will show you how he first tests the sunroof drains for blockage and then how he goes about cleaning out any blockage. If you have a sunroof and you have water dripping on your head after heavy rain, then you probably have a plugged drain (s).  Remember, it is normally not an issue of a sunroof seal (unless it is totally torn up or missing). Sunroof seals do allow some water to get through. The purpose of the water catch channels and the drain tubes is to make sure that water gets to the ground. If the channel is rusted out or the tubes are plugged then water is going to "get on your head."

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A W124 300TE wagon is used in this video. The rear drains are a little different than the ones found on most sedans. No sedan illustrations are used in this video. You will need to do some research to find the actual location of the rear drains for your particular model. You have to be able to open your sunroof in order to properly test and clean.

Total run time is 2:32

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