Lubro Moly Gear Oil Additive

MoS2 Anti-Friction Anti-Whine for Gears

Another high quality product made by Lubro Moly. This is a 50g tube of Gear oil additive. It is a concentrated moly based treatment for manual shift transmissions, differentials, steering boxes, transaxles, and rear axles. Reduces Gear noise and whine, smooths shifting. Protects gears from pitting, scuffing, and binding. Reduces friction and wear. contents of tube sufficient additive for up to 2.5 quarts of Gear oil.

Lubro Moly Gear Oil Additive

Product Details

BEST APPLICATIONS: All high mileage manual transmissions to reduce whine and smooth out the shifts. Do not use in automatic transmissions. In many cases this additive will reduce or eliminate rear end whine noise at speed (unless of course you gears or bearings are super worn). I hate whining!