Lubro Moly Motor Oil Saver - For Diesel and Gasoline engines


Another High Quality product from Lubro Moly. This is a 300ml can of Motor Oil Saver. It Rejuvenates rubber and plastic engine seals and reduces oil consumption via the piston rings and valve guides; counteracts the loss in viscosity of motor oils. Puts an end to environmentally pollutant oil patches on the road and in the garage.

Lubro Moly Motor Oil Saver - For Diesel and Gasoline engines

Product Details

Prevents blue, smoky exhaust fumes. Prevents leaks due to leaks at elastomeric seals. Regenerates engine seals made of plastic and rubber. Reduces engine noises. Prevents pollution of the environment due to oil dripping from the engine. Reduces oil consumption in gasoline and diesel engines.

The many benefits of using Motor oil saver are Lower oil consumption, better oil pressure, elimination of blue exhaust smoke due to oil burning and postponement of costly engine repairs. No more unsightly, soil polluting oil spots!

For all gasoline and diesel engines. Compatible with all commercially available motor oils. One 300 ml can of Motor Oil Saver is sufficient up to 5 liters of motor oil. The product can be added at any time. After adding, run the engine until warm. Sealing first takes effect after about 400-600 miles. To guarantee a lasting effect, add Motor Oil Saver after each oil change!