OM602 and Late OM603 Special Adapter for Compression Tester

Works on W124 1990 to 1993 300D 2.5, 350SDL, W126 1990 and 1991 350SD / SDL and the W140 300SD and S350

This is a hard-to-find adapter that will need if you have one of the early 1990s 5 and 6 cylinder turbo diesel engines. We machine this right here in our shop and it is designed to work directly with our OM61x compression tester ( see related products below): 

OM602 and Late OM603 Special Adapter for Compression Tester

Product Details

Here is a picture of the adapter hooked up to our compression tester with a quick disconnect included with the tester. No specific instructions are included for doing a compression test on these later diesel engines. The instructions that come with the compression tester are specific for the older 61X four and five-cylinder engines. General principles of doing the test may apply. Note we include a factory crush waster and 4 aluminum washers with the fitting. Before you install the fitting in the cylinder head install the heat shield washer first then install one aluminum washer. Both washers must be used to guarantee a leak-free seal at the pre-chamber. NOTE: The heat shield washer with last through a complete test. Generally one aluminum washer with last through a test but if it becomes too deformed, you will have extras. If you are having a hard time getting a seal on any cylinder, remove all the washers and clean the carbon off the pre-chamber and try again. 

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