Rear Axle Removal and Repair Manual - by Kent Bergsma

FITS THE FOLLOWING: 114, 115, 107, 123 and 126 to 1985 chassis Mercedes that use the rear axles with the crimped sealed cans over the flex joints (spider). Mercedes rear axles of the 1970s and 1980s are extremely robust. I have seen them go over 400,000 miles with no adverse wine and with their original axle boots still in place.

Rear Axle Removal and Repair Manual - by Kent Bergsma
Rear Axle Removal and Repair (Book Only)

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But as these cars age, I am seeing more problems with axle boot deterioration and axle joint failure. This manual will cover the procedures for removing and installing the axle assemblies, options for repair or replacement, and detailed instructions on how to replace the boots.

(on the axle types that have the sealed can over the inboard spider gear NOTE: if your joint covers have bolts in them then this kit will not work). Even if you do not want to change the boots yourself, this guide and installation kit will help your mechanic successfully accomplish the task especially if he has not done it before. I also offer the complete boot kit along with this manual as one package.

Location of rear axle