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123 126 Front Brake hose set

Late 123 All 126 Chassis Meyle Front Brake hose set


Here is a brand new set of Front brake hoses that fit all 123 chassis from 1981-1985 and 126 chassis from 1981-1991, both gasoline and diesel models.


116 123 Front Seat Back Tilt Adjusting Knob  ( Used )

116 123 Front Seat Back Tilt Adjusting Knob ( Used )

Fits W116 and early W123 front seats - these break easily - have a spare on hand - special price.

Good used front seat back tilt adjusting knob with all three tabs still intact. One or more of these three tabs often get broken off when removing making for a sloppy and loose knob. Check to make sure your current knob matches this design.


123 Chassis New OE Battery Tray

All 240D 300D 300CD 300TD 280E 280CE 1977 to 1985

Brand new OE Genuine Mercedes battery tray for your 123 chassis all models 1977 to 1985.

If there is a lot of rust under your tray be sure and check out our Miracle Paint to seal the rust forever!

Currently out of stock.

123 240D 300D Non Turbo Air Filter

Brand new NON Turbo Air Filter for 4 and 5 cylinder 616 and 617 engines.

Fits 1977 to 1983 123 240D and 1977 to 1981 300D and 300CD and 1979 to 1980 300TD.


107 Chassis SL Hood Release Cable

New! Fits R107 450SL 380SL 560SL 450SLC 380SLC

New Hood Release Cable. Fits all 107 chassis SL convertible and SLC coupes from 1972 to 1989. 350SL, 450SL, 450SLC, 380SL and 560SL


Special SVO WVO Heat Brass Fitting with 1 New Glow Plug

This will allow you to create a rear end sump heater or an engine compartment fuel heater.

This Special Brass fitting can be used when making a electric boost heater for biodiesel or vegetable oil fuel conversions. It CAN NOT be installed in a diesel cylinder head. It can be used in the fuel system with all diesel engines that have been converted to SVO.