Soft Top Rear Plastic Window " Scratch and Fog" Removal Kit

This unique polishing method yields the best results that last on old plastic! The key is the high polish speed of the multi-tool and special compound that won't leave behind fine scratches.

After years of wearing out his shoulder and elbow joints trying to hand polish convertible top windows, Kent finally decided he had to use some type of fast action power tool. The idea for this kit and the included tool came from the development and use of his aluminum trim polish kit. Rather than trying to convince you of how well it works, we recommend you watch the first demonstration video below. It is often said "seeing is believing." This WILL make you a believer.

Soft Top Rear Plastic Window " Scratch and Fog" Removal Kit

Product Details

Watch Kent show you how it is done

special How-to instructions if you choose to purchase our kit

It is a 2-step process using two different compounds. The "Miracle Paste" has a mild cutting action and needs to be used first. The "Miracle Polish" is what puts the real shine to the plastic and we recommend you apply a small amount to the plastic every 6 months for lasting results. The second video above will include specific instructions on how to use the products in the kit. 

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