W201 W124 Front Shock Strut Top Nut Special Wrench

Also works on R129 convertibles

When replacing the front struts ( shock absorbers ) on a W201 W124 or some W129 chassis it is frustrating and time-consuming trying to remove and replace the big 22 mm top nut on the front struts ( shocks ). You have to hold the top of the shock with a 7 mm hex wrench so you can not use a socket and a 22 mm regular box wrench gives you only a minimal movement of the nut ( on some models - see video). Kent decided to come up with a new tool. This tool is custom made in our shop. The socket size is 22 mm and the open end size (which is not important for installing the top of the shock) is either a 17, 19, or 21mm open-end wrench depending on the combination wrenches we have available to use for the angled handle. This wrench only needed as a handle to give you enough leverage to turn the big nuts on the top of the strut. 

W201 W124 Front Shock Strut Top Nut Special Wrench
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W201 W124 W140 R129 FRONT Shock Absorber Installation - On Demand Video

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Watch Kent's Garage Episode 9 to See How He Uses This Wrench

In the pictures below you can see the added movement this wrench allows and how the hole through the socket lets you use a long hex wrench to speed nut removal and installation: