126 300SD Flexible Fuel Line Replacement Kit

FITS THE FOLLOWING, 126 300SD from 1981 - 1985. The original fuel lines on most late 70s and early 80s Mercedes Diesels were braided line and with age they do rot and develop slow leaks. If these have not been replaced in your 300SD rubber fuel hoses then I recommend strongly you do it now before the lines give out and leave you stranded. This kit provides you with the parts you need to change all the engine fuel feed rubber hoses at the tank and in the engine compartment with high quality fuel hose complete with European quality new hose clamps.

126 300SD Flexible Fuel Line Replacement Kit

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    126 300SD Flexible Fuel Line Kit

    Product Details

    This kit comes with 3 feet of high quality correct size fuel hose 5/16 - same as 8 mm ID., 2 threaded fuel tank outlet factory hoses, one cigar return fuel line for return fuel, 10 quality Euro style hose clamps to fit 5/16 hose, and complete installation instructions. PLEASE NOTE: These hoses are not classed alcohol resistant, therefore are not meant for use with Biodiesel.

    Use our search box to view our biodiesel rated fuel hose products. It will require some fabrication to install in on the threaded tank outlet fittings. Complete instructions included also with this kit.