Dressing Up the Front End

Small fixes can lead to a large cummulative visual improvement

When the front end of a old Benz looks bad the rest of the car, no matter the condition, won't get the admiration you want.  The front end distinguishes it as a Mercedes. Cracked headlights and fog lights, crazed or broken side marker lenses, faded plastic headlight doors, bent or broken grill bars, deteriorated plastic grill screen or missing hood star are all a part of that negative impression.  When they are all bad the car will look like a "beater."

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Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:


Most of the parts are not hard to change.  Most are not expensive especially if you can buy good used ones. Headlight upgrades can lead to an improved look as well as safer lighting at night. 

Here is a before and after shot of Kents 1986 300SDL.  Quite a dramatic change and nothing else was touched on the car.






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