Removing a W123 Fuse Box Cover

Talk about a Chinese jig saw puzzle. Kent can show you the trick

Removing the fuse box cover on the 1977 to 1985 W123 chassis can be a little frustrating. You can not pull it straight off nor can you push it straight back on. If you are not careful you can break the edge of the cover or crack the center section. 

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Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:


Kent remembers the first time he tried to remove and replace one!  What were the engineers thinking? There is a certain angle and twist method that has to be used to eliminate the frustration. Once inside the fuse box you should inspect all the fuses and check for corrosion. If you find your fuse box is all corroded with flakely aluminum fuses be sure to replace them with our copper alloy fuse upgrage!

See Kent's free video on the 123 fuse box cover to save your sanity. You can find it on his youtube channel