617 Turbo Diesel Loud Engine Rattle Noise

Common problem due the failed air cleaner mounts and mounting bracket

If your 1978 to 1985 turbo diesel 5 cylinder engine has a loud rattle near the valve cover most likely it is coming from a loose air filter housing. Just grab ahold of it and shake or lift up on it. If it moves significantly then something is broken underneath the big round housing (this only applies to those engines that have the air filter mounted on the engine - most 1985 models have it mounted off the engine behind the right headlight).

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Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:


We have all the kits and instructions you need to fix this problem yourself. Be sure and watch Kent's video for a complete explaination of this problem. 

You should remove the air filter housing before ordering parts. This is the only way to tell exacly what is broken and what you will need to order to fix the problem.  Get rid of that annoying rattle!