Is It Difficult or Expensive to Rebuild My Own Fuel Injectors?

No, Not With My Pop Tester!

If you have been reluctant to overhaul your worn and inefficient Bosch fuel injector nozzles because the job is too difficult or too costly then think again! For approximately the same cost as rebuilt Bosch fuel injectors you can purchase this kit to rebuild them yourself in your garage and get better performance to boot!

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Problem & Solution

In this video I Introduce the 4th version of my Pop Tester! With increased proformance and reliability this pop tester will help you do the job! It's easier than you think!

Our German made Monark injector nozzles are manufactured with new technology and they outperform the original Bosch design. They just downright atomize the fuel better for more complete combustion. When these high performance nozzles are installed and balanced-tuned properly you will not believe the difference it makes in how your diesel engine runs.

If you don't think tuning and balancing your injectors is important to think again. Dirty or worn injectors can cause poor spray patterns leading to loss of power, poor fuel economy and excess exhaust smoke. Unbalanced injectors (meaning release pressures are not set within 50 psi of each other) can lead to rough idle, poor acceleration, and excessive injector knock. Worn out injector tips can lead to all of the above plus lots of $$ going out your exhaust pipe. With diesel fuel at $3.00+ a gallon, you could pay for this tester in a couple months!