My OM617 Turbo Diesel Does Not Produce Good Power and Smokes Too Much

These are signs your turbo over boost protection system is not working properly

Want to get more power our of your 5 cylinder OM617 turbo diesel?  Maybe you would like to reduce the dark smoke coming out the tail pipe during heavy acceleration? Often black smoke, poor power and bad fuel economy go hand-in-hand and are always a sure sign your engine is out of tune. One very important tuning procedure that is often missed by many owners and mechanics is doing a full inspection and service of the turbo charger overboost protection circuit. Kent has filmed two videos that will help you understand how you can make sure your over boost system is working properly and the fuel mixture is adjusted for maximum performance and minimal exhaust smoke. 

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Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:


WARNING: Do not try to adjust the ALDA mixture BEFORE you have properly tuned your diesel engine ( valve adjustment, fuel injector nozzles, new fuel and air filters, etc.) and DO NOT mess around with the ALDA adjustment until you have thoroughly inspected, cleaned and repaired the turbo charger over boost protection circuit located on your engine. See related products below for more information on these two videos.