Old Diesel Won't Start After Fuel Starvation or Filter Change

You have to be sure all air is removed from the fuel lines and hoses

1985 and older Mercedes Diesels require that you manually bleed the air out of the fuel system after you change filters, hoses, or service your fuel tank. Of course, if you run out of fuel while driving then you have a bigger challenge on hand.

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Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:

Classic Sedans
W110 W111 W112 Sedan

In his on demand video Kent will walk you through the proper steps to do a partial or full bleed of your fuel injection system if this should happen to you. The whole thing can be very frustrating for people new to older diesels. Be sure to watch this video if you don't know how to do this procedure.

NOTE: For success you must make certain you have a good working and non-leaking hand primer pump. If not you may not be able to get all the air out and the engine will be very difficult to get running again. Our all metal Monark hand primer pump is the very best on the market today.