Dash Wood Coming Loose

This is something you can easily fix yourself

Here is a problem I see all the time, especially on the 123 chassis. Over time the dash wood or door wood pieces will warp and pull away from the surface. Most of the wood is adhered to the dash at the factory with sticky foam tape. This deteriorates with age and the wood will loosen up or just fall off.

Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:


To attach it securely, you will need a scraper (razor blade), rough sandpaper, quality 5 to 6 minute two part epoxy, and alcohol for clean up. On long pieces it is not necessary to glue the entire length, especially if the piece is warped outward on the ends. If that is the case you only need to epoxy the tips. Note the picture to the top right. I have throughly cleaned off the foam and sanded both the wood ends and the metal frame on the dash. Make sure to have some alcohol on hand to clean up any excess epoxy. That is the ONLY chemical that will work without damaging the vinyl on the dash.

Here is what you will need:

Throughly mix a small amount of epoxy and place on both ends of the wood. Put it on the middle of the wood to minimize the epoxy from oozing out the sides and onto the dash.  Clean up can be messy! Hold the wood in place. Clean up immediately any excess epoxy. Be patient. Even if you are using 5 minute epoxy you will most likely have to hold it in place for at least 10 minutes until the epoxy hardens sufficiently. I know - your hand is going to get tired - but you MUST keep the wood pressed up tight to the dash. Tape will not work.  Don't even think about it!

If you are doing major work on your dash and happen to have the instrument cluster and center console wood removed you are in luck!  You can use clamps as shown below. That sure beats holding it by hand.

NOTE: If the wood is real straight and will stay in place with tape instead of clamps then E6000 is a good subsitute of the epoxy.