Trim and Rubber Seal E6000 General Purpose Adhesive

Need a strong glue joint on rubber seals, dash wood, side trim, bumper rubber, etc - this is the best!

Over the years I have used many different products to try to adhere chrome and trim pieces to body and interior panels. None has performed better for me than E6000. Silicone glue can't compete. When dry it holds like nothing else. It never dries totally hard so you can always cut it with a sharp razor knife to remove the part in the future. Great for adhering bumper trim and rubber, side moldings, and interior wood and trim. It does take overnight to dry, so you will need to something strong to hold it in place while drying. Note: For bumper rubber I have even driven the car up against a wall to hold the rubber in place while it dries overnight! I don't know about you, but I just can not stand loose trim.

Trim and Rubber Seal E6000 General Purpose Adhesive

Product Details

WOW! This can even seal cracks in nylon overflow tanks for coolant and hydraulic fluid. Try that one with any other type of glue or sealant!

ONE NEW TUBE CLEAR OR BLACK IN COLOR  will be shipped. Sometimes we have difficulty getting one or the other in stock. Since you wipe the excess off, I feel the color is not that important. That provides the best application for all types of repair. Keep in mind that it is slow drying so you will have to let sit overnight.

APPLICATION TIPS: This is a strong smelling adhesive. Work in a well ventilated area outside the house! Takes 24 hours to thoroughly dry. Do not worry about trying to wipe away excess. That can get messy. Just let the glue dry then you can easily cut and peel away any excess.

I have not found a better adhesive for rubber door, trunk, and rear hatch seals. It allows adjustment of the seal during the drying period, it is super flexible, and can be removed in the future without damaging the paint.

IMPORTANT: This is an affective adhesive when applied properly. It is not a contact cement nor a glue that requires clamping. Like most products if instructions are not followed, frustration can follow. Here is what one customer recently wrote:


"I tried to use it to re-glue the wood on the glove box lid. I went to Loews and got
two small C clamps and some wood carpentry biscuits. I applied the glue to
both sides and left it open to the air for about three hours. Then I
applied the clamps along with the wooden biscuits between the clamps and
the wood on one side and the plastic on the other. Tightened the clamps
down to very firm but short of cracking the wood or plastic. Left on for
over three days. Removed the clamps and wood appeared glued to the plastic.
Went to get in my car today after work and both sides had come loose. What
gives with this stuff?? I feel like I could get better results with gorilla
glue from the hardware store."


In this case the glue failed for two reasons:  1) instructions say apply to both sides and leave open for a couple minutes - NOT hours. 2) Do not use clamps and over tighten. That will only squeeze all the glue out. This glue requires some thickness for best adhesion. Use tape to hold in place or very light clamping until dry.