LED Dash Light Testing Results for Older Mercedes: And the Winner Is?

This is the one new generation LED dash light I have chosen to sell for older Mercedes Benz.

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Problem & Solution

For W123, W126, W201 and W124 chassis. Built in heat sink and non-polarity wiring.

This is the newest LED light bulb Kent has found and tested that you can install on the backside of your instrument cluster to increase your instrument lighting on your older Mercedes. These particular bulbs will be much brighter with a more yellow cast warm white light and they don't get hot!  All the chassis models mentioned above use 2 bulbs to illuminate the dash at night. These are direct replacements for the original incandescent bulbs and this new generation is NOT polarity sensitive.  If you have a working dimmer switch these bulbs are also fully dimmable. Watch the videos below as Kent demonstrates his testing procedures, explains polarity, and shows the advantages of this new generation LED bulb.