5th Generation LED Warm White Instrument Light Bulbs x 2 - Update 11/22

Perfect fit for the W123, W126 and W201 chassis. Built in heat sink and non-polarity wiring. Watch the video below!

This is the newest LED light bulb Kent has found and tested that you can install on the backside of your instrument cluster to increase your instrument lighting on your older Mercedes. These particular bulbs will be much brighter with a more yellow cast warm white light and they don't get hot!  All the chassis models mentioned above use 2 bulbs to illuminate the dash at night. These are direct replacements for the original incandescent bulbs and this new generation is NOT polarity sensitive.  If you have a working dimmer switch these bulbs are also fully dimmable. Watch the videos below as Kent demonstrates his testing procedures, explains polarity, and shows the advantages of this new generation LED bulb.

5th Generation LED Warm White Instrument Light Bulbs x 2 - Update 11/22

Product Details

Kent explains why he chose this bulb


Demonstration W201 Yes - W124 NO

PLEASE NOTE: These bulbs DO NOT COME WITH INSTRUCTIONS on how to get them installed in your instrument cluster. If you need that information you can purchase Kent's instrument cluster manual separately. Some models will require special dash hooks to pull the cluster out. You can do it by hand from the back side on the W123 and the 1985 and older W126 - BUT on the later W126  you may not be able to get the cluster out of the dash without these special tools. See related products below to order instructions and dash pull tools separately. 

The picture below shows the difference in size between the original bulb and our new LED. It is slightly longer but still fits with room to spare and runs quite a bit cooler than the original factory bulbs.

Here is what they look like installed in a W126 instrument cluster on the bench (not fully dark).


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