W126 Chassis Front End Clunking Due to Support Rod Joint Failure

Very very common on those chassis with over 150,000 miles

If your 126 sedan or SEC coupe is making front end clunking noises when you brake or go over bumps at slow speed you most likely need to replace the bushings where the lower front suspension guide rod attaches to a body sub frame casting. The purpose of the rod is to prevent the front suspension from moving aft under heavy braking.

126 Support Rod

Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:


The purpose of the rubber bushing is to isolate vibration and road noise from the suspension attached to this rod. When the ball joint inside the bushing starts to wear out you will begin to hear that common "clunking" sound. If has seen this condition quite often on 126 chassis Mercedes, even on cars with less than 150,000 miles. This part seems to be one of the first to wear on the front suspension of these cars.