What's wrong with my Mercedes?

Rust / Corrosion Problems

Transmission Problems

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Transmission Oil Leaks

Some leaks are not difficult to fix. Others require removal of the transmission

Engine Problems

Body and Exterior Trim Problems

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Body and Exterior Trim

Sunroof Not Moving?

We have resources to help you fix both power and manual sunroofs yourself
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Body and Exterior Trim

Door Latch / Catch Failure

Failure is almost always caused by corrosion due to high moisture environment and lack of lubrication

Interior Problems

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Door Panel Removal

Can be frustrating and a little mysterious if you have not done it before

Brake Problems

Suspension Problems

Fuel Delivery Problems

Electrical Problems

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Frequent Glow Plug Failure

If you are constantly having to replace glow plugs do not immediately blame the plugs! Ream the carbon!

Climate Control Problems

Driveline and rear end Problems

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Driveline and rear end

Worn Out Rear Axles

Best way to test them is out of the car on the bench

Vacuum Problems

SVO / Biodiesel Problems

Lights Problems